Brent Blossom

Brent Blossom

Creative Director | Illustrator | Designer

H E L L O .

I’ll spare you the third person mumbo-jumbo. I love all people and the noble things that sum up their endeavors. For that reason, I select self-starters to invest creative capital in. When I’m not doing that, my time is spent making new things, seeing new things and believing new things. I love my craft and the humans I share them with. I specialize in art direction, branding, illustrative works, long-form print collateral, package design, web & social campaigning, website design/development and ideation.
I’ve founded two successful creative agencies in Orlando, Florida. I am now partnering as Executive Creative Director for Strikepoint Media, a dynamic creative marketing agency in Laguna Beach, California. My core strengths are found in my highly-creative ability to problem-solve. I have spent the past 10 years working with clients like Facebook, Red Bull, Disney, Vitamin Shoppe, Cru, LuLu Lemon and many more providing excellent brand experiences on multiple mediums. My unique ability to empathize with my clients coupled with a sharp eye for detail, allows me to bring a strong strategic foundation to any project I’m a part of.



What my last two employers had to say…

Justin Stowell, Director of Marketing at Cru
Brent has a diverse skill-set that is an asset to any team he works with. He brings great effort day in and day out and is able to produce a large volume of work while keeping tasks managed efficiently. Most importantly for his field, he is truly talented in visual mediums. He thinks creatively and out of the box, understands a broad range of audiences, and his work is always visually appealing.
Michael Parler, Vice President of Purple, Rock, Scissors
Brent is a hard working, loyal, and intelligent individual with a passion for design and creativity. He brings strong communication skills and collaboration to the table. I truly believe that Brent will augment any creative department and team within your organization. His key strengths lie in his vision for creative identity, artistic design elements, illustration, and conceptualization.